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Due to Covid-19 workshops are currently cancelled but, hopefully, they will resume later in the year.


Workshops are held two or three times a year on a Saturday from 10am to 4pm. The cost of the workshops range between €25 €100, depending on the artist, which also includes light refreshments.

In January Peter Warren (Saruyama Bonsai) from the UK ran a workshop and it is hoped, subject to social distancing, to have another one later this year.

The following two workshops were run by Ian Young, Bonsai Eejit, both on wiring. Ian started by giving a critique of participants Bonsai in the morning and, after lunch, we either split into small groups or worked individually on our own trees to wire them. Ian moved around the groups to assist and offer advice. These workshops really are a must-attend event!

2019 November : Workshop with Ian Young, Bonsai Eejit

2019 August : Workshop with Ian Young, Bonsai Eejit

Ian said, "Last weekend I had the pleasure of delivering a workshop in partnership with Bud Garden Centre in Bunratty. A great day in great company. A massive thank you to Ray Egan at Bud for hosting us and his assistance during the day. Bud is fast becoming the gathering place for bonsai enthusiasts in the west of Ireland. Great to work with a mix of faces and new and see such enthusiasm."

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2018 September : Workshop with Peter Warren, Saruyama Bonsai

Pinus sylgestris
'Beuvronensis' owned by Ray Egan


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