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Japanese Azalea Pinus mugo Japanese Maple
Japanese Azalea Pinus Mugo Japanese Maple

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Chinese Elm Juniper
Chinese Elm    

1 to 1 with Bonsai Eejit – Ian Young, Bonsai Eejit

Large Hinoki – owned by Ray Egan – During a two day session with Ian Young in January 2019, Ray worked through a few repottings that he would have found challenging alone,

  • 1. This tree was styled about a year previous. It originally was a nursery tree with a lot of crossing and looping roots which had been partially unraveled in a previous re-pot
  • 2. Un-typically for a conifer a hose was used to remove grit, peat and field soil to allow us to untangle the roots
  • 3.
  • 4. Many roots were shortened where possible, a few removed but despite reducing the apparent bulk of the root ball we managed to retain a really good contingent of roots
  • 5. Due to the success of the root preparation work, we were able to put the tree into a much shallower pot than I would have initially expected.
  • 6.
  • 7. The finished product (on the day) went into my tunnel for some protection during the remainder of the winter and spring


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